Loan Structuring Pty Ltd is mortgage brokerage firm which specialises in helping small investors structuring their loans with the following aims:

  1. Increase borrowing capacity
  2. Maximise the deductibility of interest*
  3. Improve Asset Protection*
  4. Saving you interest
  5. Estate Planning considerations*
  6. Debt Recycling*

* Denotes this is legal advice and this will be provided by Terry Waugh under our related law practice Structuring Lawyers (see )

To learn more please visit our Loan Structuring Checklist.

About Us

Loan Structuring Pty Ltd was founded by Terry Waugh who is a Solicitor, Barrister and Chartered Tax Adviser. To learn more about Terry check out his website at

All clients getting their loans through Loan Structuring can get legal and tax advice concerning structuring at, at no additional charge, through Structuring Lawyers. This advice can include the following:

  • Which names to buy the property in?
  • How to structure the loans from a tax point of view
  • Succession aspects on death

Terry Waugh has the following qualifications:

BA, MA, LLB, LLM, CTA, Diploma Financial Planning, Certificate Mortgage Broking and is now working on his 2nd Masters degree in law.