Loan Structuring Check list

Every client of The Loan Structuring Pty Ltd will get legal and taxation advice on the structuring of loans. Terry Waugh is also admitted as a barrister and Solicitor can provide legal and tax advice in relation to loan structuring under Finlaw Pty Ltd which is an incorporated legal practice.


Check list of what to consider when structuring loans:

1 Are you getting the lowest rate and the loan features you need?
2 Do you have the correct names on loans?
3 Are your properties cross securitised?
4 Have you ever redrawn money from existing loans?
5 Do you have PI loans on investment properties?
6 Any mixed purpose or contaminated loans?
7 Potential equity to access?
8 Have you used a LOC to fund deposit and other costs on one or more investments? Should you restructure this?
9 Should you consider splitting the Main Residence loan now?
10 Potential for debt recycling strategy?
11 Extend loan terms?
12 Extend interest only terms?
13 Credit card limits too high?
14 Credit cards giving points?
15 Ability to borrow to pay investment expenses?
16 Using credit card to borrow to pay investment expenses and issues?
17 Potential Spousal Transfer strategy?
18 Any personal loans?
19 Vehicle loans or leases?
20 Related party loans?
21 Future loan structuring to maximize borrowing ability and minimize tax